08 July, 2005

Who I am not, man

Okay, wow.
Like, I am like feeling all paranoid for some reason. Like people are like talking about me. because, there are like these new Jedi that were like little Padawans when i was alive and stuff. Now they like know me by my brownies and my cowbell. Which is a problem for me, man. They don't know the real me, you know? I'm not all baked goods and haunting with nagging. There is more to me.
So, yeah, with these young little Padawan punks and their lack of comtemporary classics, I'd imagine that many feel that, from a character standpoint, I resemble these two the most. You know, weed and fart jokes. Who would read a blog about that? I mean, sure, they are really entertaining, but I get this like uncomfortable feeling when I see they guy in the pansy red booties. Like, I think Fluke knows a guy who knows them. They lack the brownies, but they do have that cool Berserker song. But see, they are really just the politically correct versions of my idols.

I'd bet most of you kids, with your Zima and your Pac-Man video games; your Hula Hoops and your Dan Fogelberg records, don't know who these guys are. And if you do, man, then either you are the far out offspring of a flower child, who must now be all into that New Age crap and listen to Enya and *shudders* Yanni (who is far too evil to be a Sith, even they have limits), or, like, you hung out with all the brownie eaters at the Temple, watching late night Cheech and Chong movies and making runs to Taco Bell. Nothing wrong with that.
But, yeah, there is more to me than the brownies, man. I've just, like, forgotten most of it.
BTW, Han, I am not the Doughboy. Seriously, man, like, stop calling me that and, like, trying to poke my belly, or I'll, like, have to bogart your brownies and, like, totally cut you off.


At 2:55 pm, Blogger flu said...

QGJ! You've forgotten what you're about except for the brownies?

Is your candle going out?

Search your feelings, man! Snap out of it! *grabs thin air and makes slapping motion*

You're about Love, man! *shaking the air with clenched fists* You're about Freedom! You are the man! Get in touch!

Go on a Spiritual trek, dude! Spirited Trekking begins with the simple act of trekking, or I guess floating, in your case. Whether you float around the kitchen table or trek across the galaxy, the action changes your perspective. It's the action, man! It offers a fresh point of view.

Adopt a better Attitude! An attitude of Gratitude! Pay attention to how you talk to yourself when your friends ain't around to boost you! The words you use reflect an attitude that is more important than where you go, how far you go, how fast you move, or how many brownies you had getting there!

Then, once you've arrived - You gotta Go for More! Step out of ruts! Try something different! Pick up the pace. Extend your route. Ask more than usual of yourself. You'll set off an exploration that gets things moving in other parts of your life as well.

Move toward Meditation! Meditation is not a posture, not a place. It is a constant practice of connecting with the present. It is a way of floating through life (or whatever) with awareness, seeking to make conscious choices in everything you do.

Silence the chatter! Remove the clutter! Spirited floating stills the endless stream of mental babble that can spin you off course. Whether you float alone or with companions, Spirited floating creates an interlude of active meditation which restores focus and inner resources.

You and I are not so different. We must move forward. Take active steps. Advance toward a goal. Floating is merely changing position. Let the metaphors remind you of the power of moving toward a goal, keeping commitments and making positive choices.

How many tries did it take you to learn to tie your shoes? To sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?” Learning to become a Spirited Walker is like learning anything. First you need to be motivated. Then you must practice, practice, practice.

So, pick yoself up! Get back on that high horse! Make him drink, you can do it!...but the most important thing - the most imperative - please, please listen to me, man - don't hold out the brownies on me.

Love ya,

At 3:02 pm, Blogger JawaJuice said...

Great post!
Sad to say, I DO remember everyone up there...

Okay, I know you're not Silent Bob...but he is your brother, right?

At 11:06 pm, Blogger Barriss Offee said...

Qui-Gon, is it true that Yoda starts talking like Beavis when he's had too many brownies?

At 11:26 pm, Blogger Han Solo said...

You'd cut me off?


Say it's not true! It's impossible!


They're really really good brownies.

At 12:54 am, Blogger JawaJuice said...

Alright, alright. We won't cut you off,Han. Just take it easy. These things are not to be gobbled down...they are to be savored...You've got to...
Hey! Where's the batch that just came out of the oven...?!?!

*Looks around franticly*

...Wha? Han? Where'd you go?

*spies the trail of dark moist crumbs leading to an open window*

At 1:25 am, Blogger Master Yoda said...

Young Starbucker,
A comment or a blog post that was?

Remember the way you were when alive you were, I do. Any different you were not, except see you coming I could.
However, appreciative I am that a cowbell you got. Thank you, my cardiologist does too.

At 2:34 am, Blogger Qui-Gon Jinn said...

*sniffle* You have such a way with words. What you said is like Jedi, and Buddhist, and Taoist and like Dr. Phil, sans the undeniable evil. Man, it's like you weave your messages into a nice tie-dyed hammock for the soul.
I may take this "Spiritual Trek" you speak of. I need to reconnect with the real me.
But, you do realise that while I'm gone, I can't bake, right?

At 3:42 pm, Blogger flu said...

If you must go on a trek *sniff*... then I can go without the goodies while you're out *snark*...it's the least I can do *snort*...it will be a major sacrifice on my part *snarf*...but if it's best for you, then *sniffle*...who am I to stop you? ugh-whaaaa!

Oh, hey,

wipes eyes

you could like, take one of those portable toaster oven things with you, right? Wouldn't that work?

looks on with eager anticipation


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